MyUA Calendar to Outlook Converter
The following steps will guide you through exporting your MyUA Calendar data to a file and converting it to an Outlook import file.
  1. Create MyUA Calendar Export File
    1. Launch and sign into MyUA Calendar
    2. Click on the Calendar Icon
    3. Click on Options Tab
    4. Choose the calendar to export and click 'Add' to move it to the box on the right
    5. Choose 'Export all events' OR click the radio button 'Beginning' and select the beginning and end dates to export
    6. From the 'Export Format' menu choose 'XML'
    7. Click 'Export'
    8. Save the file as 'export.xml' to your Desktop
    9. Close MyUA Calendar
  2. Create Outlook Import File
    1. Select your MyUA Calendar export File (export.xml) by clicking the 'Browse' button here:
    2. Create an Outlook import file by clicking the 'Generate' button here:
      (You will be prompted to save a file 'calendar_import.csv' to your Desktop)
  3. Import Calendar into Outlook - NOTE: Outlook must be properly configured prior to these steps
    1. Launch and sign into Outlook
    2. From the 'File' menu choose 'Import and Export...'
    3. On the 'Import and Export Wizard' dialog choose 'Import from another program or file' and click 'Next >'
    4. On the 'Import a file' dialog choose 'Comma Separated Values(Windows)' and click 'Next >'
    5. On the 'Import a File' diloag
      1. Click 'Browse...' to choose the 'calendar_import.csv' file on your Desktop
      2. Click 'OK'
      3. Click the 'Replace duplicated with items imported' radio button
      4. Click 'Next >'
    6. On the next 'Import a File' dialog choose the 'Calendar' destination folder associated with your mailbox and click 'Finish'
    7. On the last 'Import a File' dialog leave the settings as defaults and click 'Finish'

Congratulations, your calendar data should now show up in Outlook.
If it does not, try quiting Outlook, waiting a couple minutes, and check again.