posted February 16, 2005 at 09:30 AM
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Digital Photography; Printing
Before you jump on the inkjet bandwagon, consider carefully how much all that ink will cost if you print out all your digital photos.  You may be surprised that one of the services below will give you true photographic prints at a similar price point.

Ofoto (Kodak Easyshare).  The best of the bunch, in my opinion.  Easy to use website, many options.
Imagestation (Sony).  Better for calendars and photobooks, often cheaper than Ofoto, but a frustrating web page to use.
Zazzle.  Best place for framed prints and full customizable T-shirts.
Snapfish.  Some people like Snapfish.  I don't.  Decide for yourself.  Go here for advice and tons of inspiration.
Digital Photography Review.  Do NOT buy a digital camera before checking it out on this site.

Google.  Search with Google if you need to find anything online.
Google Image Search.  Google will let you find images, too.
Gmail.  1GB of e-mail storage -- use it to store big files!
Google Maps.  In beta, but so much easier to use than Mapquest.
Homestarrunner.  A great, um, resource for, uh...  learning Flash?

Online shopping
If you're about to buy anything technology oriented, do a search for it on each of these sites first, then buy from the first store you feel comfortable with.  (Remember:  The store with the cheapest price isn't necessarily the best place to buy from!)

Froogle.  Google has an answer for everything.
Shopper.  C|Net does, too.
Pricewatch.  A spare interface can work well, too.
Pricescan.  My last resort.

ICDSoft.  I only really have experience with one pay-for-web-hosting service, and this is it.  $5 a month gets you 333MB of storage, e-mail, a 5GB transfer.  No command line, though -- could be a deal breaker.