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Halloween Videos


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Halloween Videos Halloween Videos Halloween Videos Halloween Videos

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For the increasingly popular UAS Halloween contest in 2003, the ITS department's theme was Pirates of the Caribbean. Once again, the computer center crew pulled out all the stops by turning cardboard, colorful rags, and duct tape (they always use duct tape) into period costumes and accessories. Once again, their efforts paid off as they won Best Group for the fourth year in a row.

In order to generate hype, a video teaser (below) was created before the music video and circulated around campus a couple weeks before the 2004 Halloween contest.

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The Men in Black
In the fall of 2002, the University of Alaska, Southeast Information Technology Services embarked upon a quest to win their third consecutive Halloween contest.

This is their story.

(In video form!)

The BattleBots
Computing Services' staff won 2000's office Halloween decoration contest with their "Team Computing Pit Crew." They called themselves "unbeatable" and challenged anyone to try to beat them in 2001 (offering to provide a potluck lunch to any department that could.)

In 2001, Computing Services decided on a BattleBots theme and paraded around campus on Halloween drumming up support for their department. Since I wasn't competing in this year's costume contest (having no idea how to best my previous year's entry), I was asked to tag along for a little bit and videotape some of the action. I was only able to gather 28 minutes worth of footage before the competition was over and the awards handed out -- Computing won "Best Overall" but Academic Programs beat them on "Best Department."

This music video was put together (and subsequently mastered on DVD) at Media Services for Michael Ciri, Barney Norwick, and Joe Nell -- all Computing staff members who happened to be absent the day of the competition.

Rotary students at work on May 18th, 2002

Craig's Chain Gang
In the summer of 2002, Rotary district 5010 sponsored a trail-buiding project for their Youth Exchange Program. Many high school exchange students from all over the world spent a day at UAS clearing a path, digging trenches, and spreading gravel to create the trail to the gazebo we have today.

Media Services was on hand to videotape the entire day's work and was able to edit together an 8-minute music video for the Rotary conference the next morning.

"Craig's Chain Gang" is a 10-minute, polished version of that original 8-minute program.


Lake Wars
On March 23, 2001, Jim Gage and I received a call from Cathy Connor alerting us to the odd sounds Auke Lake's icy surface was producing. We grabbed a digital camcorder and a parabolic microphone and headed down to the dock behind the Hendrickson Annex to check it out for ourselves. What we heard sounded more like a Star Wars movie than the Alaskan outdoors! Take a listen by clicking one of the options below (and keep an ear out for the big craaack at the beginning of the clip!)

If anyone knows (or wants to guess at) the scientific reason why cracking lake ice would produce a sound like this, send us an e-mail and clue us in!