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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sitka Pictures, Part II

The last entry has pictures of the trip into Sitka, and this batch is from the sessions to close. To start with, there are some pictures of Joe Sears presenting on the UAS ePortfolio system, and then there's a batch of around-town-tourist-shots, and then, I took a bunch of pictures on the way home while on the plane. My excuse is two fold: I'm excited that I have a new lens, and I'm also trying to get a better understanding of the Vibration Reduction used by the lens... Either way, I'm sure I looked like a complete tourist most of the day. Oh well.

Check out the pictures here:

Sitka, Part II
Photo Album

Uploaded: Sat May 19 13:46:13 2007
by Cody Bennett

Friday, May 18, 2007

Sitka SDD & Pic!

I'm here in Sitka for the day to attend and assist with their Staff Development Day. It's been great to meet the Sitka folk in person, and the weather (all over southeast, I think) has been wonderful. MyUA, Food Safety and ePortfolios, oh my!

On the way to the airport, I stopped by FedEx and picked up by brand new lens!  (see my last post) Naturally, I unpacked it as soon as possible, and slapped it on my D50. Below is one of my favorite pictures from the set on the way here, followed by all the shots I captured while en route to the Sitka Campus.

Also, I got some pictures up on my photos page (see Cody's Photos). Now that people are frequently visiting the page through the MyUA Channel for UAS "BlogFolios", I'll try to post more regularly!

Flying to Sitka

Flying to Sitka for SDD
Photo Album

Uploaded: Fri May 18 14:34:39 2007
by Cody Bennett

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Gear!


I love to take pictures, and I'm also (if you hadn't noticed) quite interested in new tech toys!

To facilitate both worlds, I'm expanding my collection of gear!  Earlier this week I purchased an extremely popular 18-200mm VR lens for my Nikon camera! It gets great reviews across the board.

I've been able to put money earned from selling photos (http://photos.codyjbennett.com) and my time towards new equipment, and this is my latest purchase. I expect to be getting a lot of use with it this weekend, so I'll keep you posted with what I capture on my Photos page...

Yay for more toys!