LESSON: Physical Features Fri Apr 6 13:20:35 2007
Working to create a "pictorial timeline", I had a little difficulty trying to cover the breadth of geo/historical links in Alaska's history so I decided to chose a few key moments/features and work to illuminate the link through those. I hope that's an acceptable approach. References are listed separately.
LESSON: ANCSA Fri Apr 6 13:25:18 2007
Was the land settlement for Alaska Natives a fair deal? That's the question this paper is attempting to answer in a very abbreviated format.
LESSON: History A Fri Apr 6 13:29:13 2007
How did World War II forever change Alaska? The answer can be found through searching this invented issue of the Alaska Daily News.
LESSON: Culture Fri Apr 6 13:52:01 2007
What endures in Alaska Native Culture? This is my "collection of artifacts" or visual representation response to this question for the Inupiaq culture.
LESSON: Russian Alaska Mon Apr 16 18:42:22 2007
What is Russia's legacy to Alaska? This document attempts to answer this question with words and images that explore Russia's physical and cultural legacy.
LESSON: History B Sun Apr 29 16:24:38 2007
This is my journal of a woman's decision and the beginning of her journey to Alaska during the Gold Rush. My references are listed separately.
LESSON: Geography Sun Apr 29 16:30:47 2007
I chose to highlight Alaska's importance through it's proximity to the Bering Strait -outlined through the past, present and future.
LESSON: Fishtraps Sun Apr 29 16:39:04 2007
This is my exploration of the fishtrap issue/question through a powerpoint format.